Terry Marks headshot


Terry Marks fell into acting work by accident when her name was passed to a casting director in search of real female tattooists for The Bounty Hunter in 2009. With her tattooed arms, signature cat-eye glasses and wild hair, she is routinely featured as oddball, quirky, & low-life characters.

In the Broad City season 2 finale on Comedy Central, Terry is a panhandling bag-lady on St. Marks Place and gets to bum a dollar each off Ilana and Abbi.

She can also been spotted alongside Will Ferrell in The Other Guys drunken bar-room, wearing bunny ears in Grand Central Station on Louie, as a cult member in The Following, attending an AA meeting on Girls, as a biker chick in the precinct jail on Gotham season 2, and much more.

Born and raised in New York City, Terry also lived in London, England for nine years, where she studied at the Central/St. Martin's School of Art. After returning to NYC, she studied at the T. Schreiber Studio with Peter Miner, Ellen Parks, and others.

Terry Marks is also an internationally exhibited, award-winning painter & printmaker, a tattooist, and an apprenctice instructor at the New York School of Tai Chi Chuan, who plays a little bit of ukulele on the side.